Pack includes:

• Our “Oh so Vine” Tomato & Chilli Relish

• Our “Spice of Life” Irish Apple Chutney

• Our “Here Comes the Sun” Sundried Tomato Relish

• Our "Whiskey in the Jar" 3 Fruit Whiskey Marmalade

• Our “Thyme for a Change!” Mixed Berry and Thyme Jam

• Our “Colonel Mustard” Savoury Mustard


This pack includes our lovely reusable flower bag and special personalised message if required (please include this in the additional information box at checkout)

To create your own, add 6 Jars of your choice and use our 6for25 promo code at checkout. 

"The Best Sellers" - Set Pack of 6 Jars including a reusable jute bag