Pack includes:
• Our “Thyme for a Change!” Mixed Berry and Thyme Jam
• Our "Whiskey in the Jar" 3 Fruit Whiskey Marmalade
• Our Rockin' Raspberry Jam
• Our “Rhubarb Rhumba” Rhubarb and Ginger Preserve
• Our "Plumdidliumptious" Plum, Apple & Pomegranate Jam
• And finally our "Warm Spice" Apple and Clove Jelly /Apple & Elderflower Jelly. 
This pack includes our lovely reusable jute flower bag and an optional personalised message. perfect for giving as a gift (please include message in the additional information box at checkout)
To create your own 6 pack, please select the create your own gift pack where you can hand pick your preferred inclusions.

"The Jam Packed" - Set Pack of 6 Jars including a reusable jute bag